Saturday, July 21, 2012

im lost.

hye there.again. :) lost. lost in my own blog..hahaha! mebe dah lama x blog kan n n sbb1st time ber blog guna samsung tab. hehehe :)
entah nape ber angin nk ber blog mlm ni..kena plak 1st nite of ramadhan..kan.
can say im so happy today but a bit sentap. happy bcuz someone wanna gimme his galaxy note. weeee! then ttbe sentaplah sbb ada yg menjampok cakap..hai..awak kan keje?  so wuttt? org keje tak boleh dpt hadiah free ke?? fatwa mana tu bgtau sket. hmm...
2nd happiness was on last n iman were solat together. believe it or not, as a kid, notty boy, he is such a perfect imam. roughly feel lah..kan.. sejuk hati tenang bila dia baca fatihah n surah2 kecik. so proud of u dear iman.may Allah bless.
finally, when i was walkin back home. i saw a baby girl on his father i think...rite in front of me. i look at her and shmiiiiileeeeee and wave my hands.end up wif i jato tsadonggggggrrrrrr!!! sbb x nmpk batu kt dpan...haha! Kuwang hajAunye budaksss comellll gelak kt aku huhuhu...sabo je le.. :)
ok...dats it for diz time k...gotta catch my luvie ted...hehe ...mmuuahhx!
thanx Allah for all d happiness i owned today.may me n my family n my frenz will awake again for more pahala.insyallah.



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