Sunday, December 12, 2010

nite @ jpm,putrajaya 1 & 2/12/2010

hye y'all..long time no buzz to diz bloggie...yayy!!! ok, diztime i'll update lil bit bout my work where i'd to be at JPM to upgrade their email system wif an ofismate and a practical lady.. erm, actually there still a man left, d main one..but i dunno until now why..why he dun wanna b wif us..yeah, we understand dat u really stuck wif ur task or mebe u cant go back home late..but at least, tell us y n brief us wut to do b4 we go...dats much better rather than having a gr8 silent,though.even its an order from da big boss but still u can...erm..wut haa?? ..haa!! like a malay words say, 'wat mete gitu,keras pedal btol, wat pekak,wat dek slumber je'..huh..panass!! u did it twice,ok!!! damn!! shit,ciken shit!! sorry. anyway, anyhow, we (3 of us), did hav fun at JPM..n i juz wanna share few pics..lets check it out yo!! :)

this is before...before we start the work..waiting d other team for such a long time..grrr!!

this is n ehem2..hahahah!! havin lil discussion while waitin for da domain to fin setup..lolololo..ooppss!! spot d difren!! hahah!! diz was da 2nd nite, therefore i look difren..hahah :P

this is the exhausted lol....thank god i got free dinner from the other team..jom2 balik!! :)

                                                                .: earthhana :.

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